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Don't Be Fooled by The Imitators
Our competitors have been trying to copy us for years and still cannot make their products with the quality that we do. That is why they will not back their products up like we do. When their products break in a year you pay for another bag. If there is a defect in ours we will replace it for up to 3 years! That saves you a lot of money and time.

Many of the schools around the country are going clear starting next school year. We will have our Varsity Backpacks back in stock on June 11th. We will have plenty for you to be ready well in advance. 
If you are a school, or a parent ordering on your own,
and want more information on our products then please email us at

Security Policies Changing in Stadiums and Movie Theaters

We see more and more Stadiums and Arenas moving to clear bag policies across the country. The NFL and Colleges are the most notable and you will want to be prepared for your next visit. Check out our Stadium and Arena Bags page for more details.

It has also come to our attention that movie theaters are moving to bag checks for all patrons coming into their facilities to watch a movie. The most notable is Regal Cinemas. They are the largest movie chain in the US and have implemented this bag check policy. Will they eventually go clear? We do not know but certainly you will move through their checkpoints more quickly if you have one of our clear products to get you in.

Consider the use of our clear products to speed you through whatever security checkpoints you may encounter including those at work or when you are just out having fun.

Count on us to be:
The Clear Choice

We ship our products folded. If we ship with them fully unfolded it would triple the shipping costs. Please go to our Shipping & Care page before unfolding your product.

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