International Shipments

We Ship All Over The World!

We do ship internationally but we do so on a case by case basis. We estimate the shipping through the USPS for an insured delivery to the country where you reside. This total would be added to your product purchase price. We will then send you a quote for the entire order for approval. We also require full payment prior to shipping any order. We currently do this through a bank transfer to our international account. We notify you when the payment has cleared.

 Some fine print on our international sales:

  • We do not accept returns or exchanges for international shipments. The cost to ship back and forth is just too cost prohibitive for both the customer and us.
  • We do not include our 3 Year Guarantee on international shipments. Again the cost is just too prohibitive to ship the parcels. We will however hand inspect your merchandise to ensure that it is in the proper condition prior to shipping.
  • We only use USPS International or UPS International shipping methods. We will not use local or third party shippers to handle the shipping.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged product shipped internationally. If any items are lost, stolen, or damaged then it is the responsibility of the purchaser to file a claim with the shipping companies to recover their costs. We will assist, where possible, upon request of the purchaser.

 If the above is acceptable to you we can process and ship your parcel. If you have any further questions you may contact us via US phone (502) 426-3552 or email us at

For Large or Bulk Shipments we may use a dropship to complete you order. This will be arranged at the time of purchase.

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