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For all inquiries beyond the information below please either call us at (502) 426-3552 or email us at sales@myclearbackpack.com
My Clear Backpack works with our printers to produce high quality logos on any of our products except the Privacy Pouch. We get requests for logos from a diverse group of customers including:
  • Schools with names and mascot logos
  • Businesses with company logo for their traveling staff as a means to show their brand and market themselves
  • Companies with their logo for Employee Appreciation events
  • Sports Teams with the team logo for their fans or employees especially in venues where clear is mandatory
  • Charitable organizations that need some brand visibility to help facilitate their causes in the general public
  • Small groups of people with common interests that like to show off their brand to the rest of the public
  • and so many more.......
All you need to do to start the process is give us a call. We will review the set up charges for the printer and the cost per bag so you can make a determination if a logo suits your specific needs. There are some considerations you need to know while you ponder a logo:

  • Logo set up fees can typically be around $50. This is a one time charge for each new logo
  • Logos on the products incurs a charge for the logo over the price of the bag (they are not included in our regular pricing)
  • Logos can be one (1) or two (2) colors if the colors to not touch within the logo itself as the print screening process will allow the colors to bleed into each other
  • All logo products will require a high quality picture image from you in order to render it at the printer and then have the design team come up with the final product
  • All logo products require final approval from the customer.
  • Once final approval is given all logo products are deemed billable and not returnable. Customer is responsible for entire cost of the products ordered without change, credit, discount or refund.
  • Minimum order for screen printed logos is 50 and requires approximately one month lead time (depending on time of year, holidays and volume of orders)
We offer the aforementioned Screen Print Logo and we also have a rubberized version that is sewn on the bag. These rubberized logos are sewn at the manufacture and do require extended lead time.  These are for very large bulk orders only.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. We do not mind pricing out a quote for you to see if  a high quality logo on your products will work for you.

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